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Friday, April 28, 2006


This is where it is at: great example of a brand (MacDonald's) being attacked using informative and engaging content. Just like No Logo its my job to learn and adapt. Think Virus/Anti-Virus.

How to get ads watched.

One of the many interesting things about delivering marketing messages via the web is that viral TV ads really make you pay attention. Plus they engage you in an action, either deleting or forwarding. It's such a brilliant way to get people involved. Try this one, from an American Gym company.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Reasons Why

Malcolm Gladwell recently wrote a review in the New Yorker of a book called 'Why'. All about the kinds of reasons people give for their actions. There's an interesting critique here of focus groups, where people often rely on 'convention' reasons to justify their actions and attitudes. In reality the reasons for our behaviour are far more complex. See Leo Burnett Planner's comment here.

In summary though, reason giving is dependent on our context and the reltationships and roles we are playing at the time we give the reason, not on some kind of totally rational argument - "Effective reason-giving, then, involves matching the kind of reason we give to the particular role that we happen to be playing at the time a reason is necessary".