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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Tagmeme

Thanks to Matt at Thoughtcrime for tagging me with the most bugging early morning mental workout - but then blame Dan at Cubemate too I guess. The workout? Five things about you that people don't already know.

1. I used to be the lead singer in an Indie band (circa 1990-92). We made one demo *tape* in a studio... which kind of says it all really. Our drummer couldn't keep time. My dulcet tones were however, something else.

2. I've written hundreds of songs. Almost all of them immediately vaporised. I got into music writing, sampling and beat programming during the techno era and spent hours writing wannabe rave-anthems... then I'd get sick of hearing them loop and loop again, so moved on to the next one.

3. I keep meaning to be a writer. Written some poems that I like, not nearly enough articles and started some short stories. Including one that is one sentence long... the famous 'mini saga'. One day I'd like to just write from a countryside haven and make enough to get by.

4. I'm almost French. Well not quite. But I did spend most of my childhood living in Paris so I'm bilingual. Handy when on holiday in France. And when swearing at French colleagues at work.

5. I like lots of milk in my tea. Not sure why, guess it's since I was a little kid. so if you're making, it's 'white without'. Thanks.

Much more interesting than all this though is my realisation that I'm not sending this meme onto anyone else. so if you're reading and you're blogging, give me your link and I'll pass it on.